CNC Lathe / Linear Way Series

Your No.1 Choice of Highly Efficient Lathe!

YTL 8540 / 8540M

The new generation YTL and YTB Series CNC Lathe is carefully built with HANNSA’s tradition of quality excellence. Our objective is to offer economically priced CNC lathes with a high level of performance.


45° Slant Saddle

High Speed Machining
Fully meet Your Expectations for Efficiency


The YTL series CNC lathe from HANNSA is designed to enhance higher machining efficiency. Either the slide ways are hardened box type or with linear guide ways, both model’s performance is absolutely capable for satisfying your rigorous demand in productivity and accuracy.




Versitile Optional Features

Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck

  • Each machine comes with a hydraulic 3-jaw chuck as standard equipment.
  • Chuck diameter to be supplied may vary with lathe model.

High Quality Coupling

  • The X, Z-axis are directly driven by servo motors through high quality couplings, ensuring smooth and accurate movements of X, Y-axis.

Chip Plate

  • The chip tank is large and easy to move for chip removal and cleaning.

Hydraulic Tailstock

  • The tailstock quill is controlled by hydraulic power for convenient positioning.
  • The entire tailstock assembly is moved manually or by program. (optional)

Parts Catcher (optional)

  • The parts catcher provides convenient and efficient parts collection after parts machining is finished.

Bar Feeder (optional)

  • With the use of optional bar feeder, more automated machining can be abstained.
  • Choice of various specifications of bar feeder to suit customers bar sizes.

Chain Type Chip Conveyor

  • The fast efficient chip conveyor delivers chips to a chip bucket out of the machine during machining, which helps to keep the machine interior clean at all times.

Tool Setter (optional)

  • The tool setter employs a touch sensor that can measure tool length.
  • By using the tool setter, you can reduce the amount of cutting tests.


C-AXIS FUNCTION (optional)


  • The C-axis function of the spindle allows the machine to perform contour machining.
  • Applicable for milling, drilling and tapping operations for flexible machining and increased efficiency.
  • Indexing accuracy reaches 20 arc/sec.
Power Turret (optional)

The power turret is used together with C-axis function of the spindle to perform milling, drilling and tapping operations.


  • Turret rotation and indexing are driven by a special servo motor to achieve fast tool change and high positioning accuracy.
  • Tool holder interface provides convenience and high-speed when changing tool holder.
  • Repeatability accuracy is up to 0.003mm.

C-axis Encoder (optional)

  • The C-axis is fitted with a high resolution encoder that enables the C-axis to reach high positioning accuracy. This results in high accuracy when performing contour machining.

C-axis Brake (optional)

  • The C-axis employs a disc brake to increase the spindle orientation efficiency and accuracy.

High Precision Spindle

  • The spindle runs on double-row roller bearings in combination with angular contact bearings. This outstanding bearing arrangement resists radial and thrust load when performing heavy cutting. As a result, the spindle will exhibit excellent stability during cutting.