Heavy Duty CNC Lathe / Box Ways on 2 Axes

The Ultimate in Heavy and Precision Cutting Capability!


YTH 10700E

Max. turning dia. : Ø 320 mm
Max. turning length : 650 mm
Chuck size : Ø10”
Z-axis travel :700 mm



Single Spindel

YTH 10700 / YTH 101100
YTH 12700 / TYH 121100

Twin Spindel

YTH 10800 / YTH 101300
YTH 12800 / TYH 121300
YTH 15800 / TYH 151300

Outstanding Rigidity and Stability!


  • The massive base in combination with scientific rib reinforcement keeps vibration to a minimum and increases structural strength.
  • X, Z-axis are box-way construction for outstanding stability during heavy cutting.
  • Structural parts are manufactured from Meehanite cast iron for stress relief without deformation.

High Precision Spindle

  • The spindle runs on double-row roller bearings in combination with angular contact bearings. This outstanding bearing arrangement resists radial and thrust load when performing heavy cutting. As a result, the spindle will exhibit excellent stability during cutting.


Rigid Headstock

  • The headstock is a rugged construction to enable heavy cutting with maximum stability.
  • Excellent heat dissipation on the headstock helps reduce thermal deformation of the spindle.

Ø 160mm Extra Large Spindle Bearing I.D.

(optional for YTH12 series only)

  • Upon customer request, the YTH12 series offers an option for a larger I.D. of Ø160mm spindle bearing to increase machine rigidity.

Versitile Optional Features

Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck

  • Each machine comes with a hydraulic 3-jaw chuck as standard equipment.
  • Chuck diameter to be supplied may vary with lathe model.

Quill Travel Detection (optional)

  • The tailstock is equipped with a sensor to detect the quill positioning. In case a displacement occurs, an alarm sounds and the machine stops automatically for safety protection.

Parts Catcher (optional)

  • The parts catcher provides convenient and efficient parts collection after parts machining is finished.

High Quality Coupling

  • The X, Z-axis are directly driven by servo motors through high quality couplings, ensuring smooth and accurate movements of X, Y-axis.

Hydraulic Tailstock

  • The tailstock quill is controlled by hydraulic power for convenient positioning.
  • The entire tailstock assembly is moved manually or by program.

Bar Feeder (optional)


Programmable Tailstock (YTH 10/12/15)

  • The tailstock body and quill movement can be controlled on the control panel, providing easy and fast setup and high positioning accuracy.

Manual Tailstock

  • The tailstock is moved manually.

Tool Setter (optional)

  • The tool setter employs a touch sensor that can measure tool length.
  • By using the tool setter, you can reduce the amount of cutting tests.

YTH 12 Series Opt 15" /18"
Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck (optional)

Automatic Lubricator

  • The automatic lubricator delivers lubrication oil to X, Z-axis slideways and ball screws. This lubrication system ensures smooth movements of X, Z-axis at all times, and extends the service life of ball screws.


C-AXIS FUNCTION (optional)


  • The C-axis function of the spindle allows the machine to perform contour machining.
  • Applicable for milling, drilling and tapping operations for flexible machining and increased efficiency.
  • Indexing accuracy reaches 20 arc/sec.
Power Turret (optional)

The power turret is used together with C-axis function of the spindle to perform milling, drilling and tapping operations.


  • Turret rotation and indexing are driven by a special servo motor to achieve fast tool change and high positioning accuracy.
  • Tool holder interface provides convenience and high-speed when changing tool holder.
  • Repeatability accuracy is up to 0.003mm.

C-axis Encoder (optional)

  • The C-axis is fitted with a high resolution encoder that enables the C-axis to reach high positioning accuracy. This results in high accuracy when performing contour machining.

C-axis Brake (optional)

  • The C-axis employs a disc brake to increase the spindle orientation efficiency and accuracy.

Y-axis (optional)

Back machining

  • This series is equipped with a sub-spindle, allowing the machine to perform back machining on a workpiece. This feature effectively saves time in secondary setup of workpiece and limits cutting accuracy error.
  • The rapid traverse rate of sub-spindle (B axis) reaches 20m/min for drastically reducing non-cutting time.

Y axis (optional)

  • Y-axis provides an increase of machining capabilities. Y-axis travel is +50~-50mm.