Horizontal Machining Center

Precision Built! Dramatically Boost Efficiency!

YMH 630 / 800

Applicable Industries:

  • Precision parts machining
  • Mold machining
  • Automotive and motorcycle parts machining

Built-in Hydraulic Power Unit and Oil Cooler

The hydraulic power unit and the oil cooler are mounted onto the machine. This design may save installation time when assembling machine. Another benefit is its space saving and increased beauty of appearance.




The Combination of Rigidity and Efficiency


  • High grade and pre-tensioned ball screws are directly coupled with servo motor
 A  Roller-type Linear Ways on Three Axes
  • The X, Y, Z-axes slideways are mounted with heavy duty roller-type linear ways, combined with a large span design that presents outstanding heavy load resistance capabilities. Also, the linear ways also provide features such as high feed rate, low vibration and extra smooth movement.
 B   Integrated Structure
  • The entire Auto Pallet Change Unit is installed on the machine base, allowing high speed and reliable pallet changing performance.
  • Rotary Type APC: YMH-630 / 800
 C  No Counter-Balance
  • Machine adopts oversized servo motor as well as ball screw to avoid the disadvantages of conventional counter-balance system.
 D  Traveling Column
  • The oversized column design in combination with rib reinforcement eliminates the possibility of structural deformation. The column bottom is enlarged to increase rigidity and stability. This structure exhibits outstanding vibrational dampening, especially when performing heavy cutting.
 E  Rigid Structure
  • One piece cast iron made from high quality Meehanite casting.
  • Box type structure with reinforced inner ribs.
  • X Axis slideways are step-deployed, which minimizes geometric error and maximizes dynamic rigidity.



  • Spindles are all dynamic balanced and test run before installation.
    Low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise.

Direct Drive Spindle (standard)

#50 Direct Drive Spindle

  • Standard 6000 rpm.
  • 8000 and 10000 rpm are optional.


Built-in Spindle

#50 Built-in Spindle /optional

  • Available with 10000 rpm.

Reliable Automatic Pallet Changer

  • Pallets with bolted hole (standard) or with T-slots (optional) are available.



Workpiece & Tools Measuring System

  • The best equipment for prototyping and reverse engineering.

LASER Type Tool Measuring System

  • Capable of measuring tool consumption as well as tool length or diameter with the highest accuracy and efficiency.


Tool Measuring System

  • The touch probe type tool measuring system may check the tool length, diameter and even position of cutting flutes on the cutter.


    Automatic Tool Changer

    Flexibility & Versatility


    Hannsa offers ATC with maximum capacity up to 90 tools.

  • Shortest route tool selection
  • Tool change is quickly accomplished with smooth motion
  • Accommodates BT50 or CAT50 tool shank

Standard: 40 Tools


Optional: 60 or 90 Tools

European Type Guard

  • The specially designed European type guard not only fully prevents chips and coolant from splashing, but also features no interference and low noise. Moreover, it still maintains smooth motion when rapid traverse rates reach 48 m/min.


Front Mounted Chip Conveyor

  • During machining, the chips delivered through the chip augers to the front mounted chip conveyor to remove from machine.