CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine


YBH 3000A / 3000B

Machine Features

  • X, Y, Z-axis travel: 3000 x 1700 x 1700 mm.
  • A moving column model for increasing efficiency.
  • Linear guideways on X, Z-axis. Box ways on Y-axis.
  • W axis extension can reach 500mm without deflection problem.
  • The gearbox on the spindle head allows for two-step speed change.
  • X, Y, Z, B-axis are all equipped with linear scales for high positioning accuracy.
  • Rotary table with 1° indexing is standard.
  • Rotary table with 0,001° indexing is optional.
  • Chain type tool magazine with 60 tools.
  • Massive base.


Superb Machine Structure

to Exhibit Optimal Rigidity without Deformation

High Quality Cast Iron Stress Revlieved

  • The major structural parts of the machine are manufactured from high quality cast iron, with internal stress relieved to achieve deformation free structure.

Moving Column

  • The column is a moving type that provides an increase in efficiency.

Massive Base

  • With a special design on the base structure,it helps to increase the structural rigidity.

Slideway Type

  • Linear guideways on X, Z-axis while Y-axis is designed with box ways. The combination design of slideways not only features higher feed rate, but also ensures increased stability in heavy cutting.

Transmission Through Speed Reducer

  • X, Z- axis feeds are driven by independent servo motor that drives the ball screw. This combined with the use of speed reducer for transmission to increase transmission torque. It ensures smooth feed on X, Z-axis even working on a heavy work piece.

Hydraulic Cylinder For Counter-balance

  • A hydraulic cylinder is used for counter-balance when the spindle head moves up / down, which makes spindle head moving motions more effortless and smoother.

Linear Scales On Four Axes

  • The X, Y, Z, B-axis are all equipped with linear scale, that provides closed loop, feedback control to ensure high positioning accuracy.


Rigid Gear Box

for Precision & Heavey Duty Cutting

Gearbox of Spindle Head

  • The spindle rotation is transmitted through a powerful
    gearbox, providing high / low two step speed change.
    The high-speed range is ideal for fine machining, while
    the low speed range is applicable for heavy cutting.
  • The gearbox is designed with a combination of spray
    type and semi-oil bath cooling and lubrication system.


  • Diameter of W-axis: Ø110 mm.
  • Max. travel of W-axis: 500 mm
  • The spindle features high rigidity.
    There is no deflection even the W-axis
    extends to a maximum distance.
  • Deflection is controlled to
    within <0.02 mm.



0.001° Rotary Table (Optional)

  • Standard table indexing accuracy: 1° Indexing accuracy 0.001° (optional)
  • Table rotation is driven by a servo motor.
  • Max. table load: 10 tons
  • Max. speed is 1.5 rpm for continuous running.
  • With linear scale.

Chain Type Tool Magazine

  • Tool loading capacity: 60 tools
  • The tool magazine is installed outside of the machine so that the machine accuracy is not influenced by the magazine and tool movement.
  • The magazine position is away from the cutting area that prevents tools from being polluted by chips or cutting fluid.

Hydraulic Power Unit

  • The hydraulic power unit provides hydraulic power to the counter-balanced cylinder and B-axis clamping.
  • The hydraulic power unit is air-cooled.


Coolant Through Ball Screws
On 3 Axes (Optional)

  • With coolant through ball screws on X, Y, Z-axis, thermal displacement on the ball screws can be reduced to a minimum. This in turn ensures high feeding accuracy and smooth feeding motions on three axes.

Ball Screw Cooler (Optional)

  • The cooler delivers coolant through ball screws on 3 axes, ensuring high feeding accuracy on 3 axes.

Spindle Oil Cooler

  • The cooler enables the spindle to rotate at a constant temperature that may avoid influence on machining accuracy due to thermal growth of spindle.