Vertical Machining Center / Linear Way Series



Meets the Needs of Precision and High Speed Cutting!

YL 1600-A / 1800-A / 2000-A
YL 1690-A / 1890-A / 2090-A
(4 Slideways)

X, Y, Z-axis travel:

1600 x 650 x 645 mm (YL1600-A)
1800 x 650 x 645 mm (YL1800-A)
2000 x 650 x 645 mm (YL2000-A)
1690 x 900 x 900 mm (YL1690-A)
1890 x 900 x 900 mm (YL1890-A)
2090 x 900 x 900 mm (YL2090-A)

  • Four linear ways on base.
  • Roller type bearing linear guide on 3 axes.
  • 10000 rpm belt-drive spindle.
  • BT40 spindle taper. (YL 1600-A / 1800-A / 2000-A)
  • 8000 rpm belt-drive spindle.
  • BT50 spindle taper. (YL 1690-A / 1890-A / 2090-A)
  • 24 arm type ATC .
  • Fully enclosed splash guard.




  • Meehanite cast iron is tempered for stress relief to ensure structural stability without deformation.
  • The base is mounted with high precision linear ways with high feed rate, allowing the machine to perform high speed cutting.
  • Reinforced column base greatly increases structural strength.

4 Linear Ways on Base

  • The box type constructed base is mounted with 4 linear ways, making the machine capable of resisting heavy loads. Additional benefits are its increased feed rate and higher positioning accuracy.


Specially Designed Column, Stable! Rigid!

  • The column on the Hannsa machining center is carefully analyzed and designed for increased rigidity.
  • The column base is reinforced to increase structural strength and rigidity. With this special design, the machine will exhibit ultra-high stability during high speed operations.


Belt-drive Spindle (standard)

  • 8,000 rpm spindle speed is standard.(BT50)
  • 10,000 rpm spindle speed is standard.(BT40)
  • Choice of spindle nose tapers—BT, CAT and DIN.
  • The spindle is dynamically balanced for extremely smooth running.

Direct-drive spindle (optional)

  • Choice of spindle speeds—8,000, 10,000 rpm.(BT50)
  • Choice of spindle speeds—12,000 and 15,000 rpm.(BT40)
  • Choice of spindle nose tapers—BT, CAT and DIN.
  • The spindle is dynamically balanced for extremely smooth running.


Spindle Head

  • The spindle head is ruggedly constructed ensuring maximum stability during cutting.


Gearbox (YLA Option)

  • The high performance ZF gearbox produces high torque output at low speeds, making the machine suitable for heavy cutting.


Chain Type Magazine

  • Bi-directional.
  • Tool change can be quickly accomplished in only 3 seconds (tool to tool).


Arm Type Magazine

  • Bi-directional, random tool selection.
  • Tool change can be quickly accomplished in only 2.5 seconds (tool to tool).
    (30 tool Opt.)


Air Conditioner For Electrical Cabinet (optional)

  • Offering even better cooling to the electrical cabinet, prolonging electrical components’ life time.

Rear Flushing Device (optional)

  • The optional rear flushing device provides efficient removal of chips.

Oil Skimmer (optional)

  • The disc type oil skimmer is used for removing floating oil on coolant, preventing coolant deterioration and odor.

4th Axis Rotary Table (optional)

  • The rigidly constructed 4th axis rotary table is excellent in indexing accuracy and repeatability.
  • Minimum indexing unit is 0.001°


Chain type chip conveyor (optional)

Cleaning Spray Gun

  • The cleaning gun is used for cleaning the workpiece and machine.

Air Gun

  • The air gun allows the operator to clean the workpiece..

Spindle Oil Cooler

  • The spindle oil cooler is used to ensure a constant temperature of the spindle, even during long running times. This helps maintain spindle accuracy at all times.

Chip Auger

  • The chip auger is delivers chips to the chip conveyor for easy removal.